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 * $Id: dbdimp.h,v 2.3 2001/05/11 08:55:53 flatline Exp $
 * Copyright (c) 1997 Jeff Urlwin
 * portions Copyright (c) 1997  Thomas K. Wenrich
 * portions Copyright (c) 1994,1995,1996  Tim Bunce
 * portions Copyright (c) 2000  Cristian Giussani
 * You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public
 * License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.

#include "protocol.h"

/* This holds global data of the driver itself.
struct imp_drh_st {
    dbih_drc_t com;           /* MUST be first element in structure     */

/* Define dbh implementor data structure 
   This holds everything to describe the database connection.
struct imp_dbh_st {
    dbih_dbc_t com;           /* MUST be first element in structure     */

    dbftp_result *results;

/* Define sth implementor data structure */
struct imp_sth_st {
    dbih_stc_t com;           /* MUST be first element in structure     */

    char *query;

    int rows;

#define IMP_STH_EXECUTING       0x0001

/* These defines avoid name clashes for multiple statically linked DBD's        */

#define dbd_init        dbftp_init
#define dbd_db_login          dbftp_db_login
#define dbd_db_do       dbftp_db_do
#define dbd_db_commit         dbftp_db_commit
#define dbd_db_rollback       dbftp_db_rollback
#define dbd_db_disconnect     dbftp_db_disconnect
#define dbd_db_destroy        dbftp_db_destroy
#define dbd_db_STORE_attrib   dbftp_db_STORE_attrib
#define dbd_db_FETCH_attrib   dbftp_db_FETCH_attrib
#define dbd_st_prepare        dbftp_st_prepare
#define dbd_st_rows           dbftp_st_rows
#define dbd_st_execute        dbftp_st_execute
#define dbd_st_fetch          dbftp_st_fetch
#define dbd_st_finish         dbftp_st_finish
#define dbd_st_destroy        dbftp_st_destroy
#define dbd_st_blob_read      dbftp_st_blob_read
#define dbd_st_STORE_attrib   dbftp_st_STORE_attrib
#define dbd_st_FETCH_attrib   dbftp_st_FETCH_attrib
#define dbd_describe          dbftp_describe
#define dbd_bind_ph           dbftp_bind_ph
#define dbd_error       dbftp_error

/* end */

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